Meet Baby Drew!

1 week old

Drew at 1 week

Hi!    Sorry it has taken so long to update with our birth story!!!    My baby boy Drew was born on April 23 weighing 8lbs 3oz and healthy.  He is named for my father”s father, Andrew.    We had a very rough start; the first month is a blur.   There were complications during the c-section that made recovery difficult.   Also Drew had a tongue tie and lip tie, and a high palate, which took a while to diagnose and treat.   Breastfeeding was impossible, and bottle feeding became extremely scary as he was unable to drink without choking severely.    I am now an expert at the baby Heimlich maneuver – the whole experience was extremely stressful.   Also I was pumping around the clock followed by feeding him very slowly….   The whole process would take about an hour and half, and then 30 minutes later it was time to start again.    He has had two minor surgeries and is recovered now, able to breastfeed and bottle feed without incident thank goodness!!!    This whole baby thing seems pretty easy now in comparison to those early days!! Other than that

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2 months old

Drew at 2 months

Drew is perfect.    He is generally easy and happy, and has been sleeping through the night (7 hours) since he was 5-6 groggily wakes up from a nap on a yacht during his downtime in Ibiza, Spain, on Friday afternoon (August 1). weeks old!   He is a force of nature though, with quite a little temper and very vocal & communicative for his age.    He does not cry often but he “yells” at us a lot!       He is ridiculously cute, everyone comments on how beautiful he is.    He fits perfectly with our family, a prettier version of what our genetics might have produced.   He looks a lot like my husband”s baby pictures, but with my red hair.   I”m still getting used to the comments, “Oh he has your hair!”    It”s hard not to say, “Actually, that would be from his Czech sperm donor….”   and to just accept what people perceive.    We could not have asked for a more perfect little baby and we are eternally grateful to his donors, doctors, and coordinators who brought him to us.


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