HRC Fertility

HRC Fertility

HRC Fertility was founded in 1988 on the principle that helping couples bring their dreams to life must be based on providing ethical and compassionate care using the latest technologies in a cost effective manner. As a result, we have grown to become one of the largest providers of advanced reproductive care in the United States.


Bardados Fertility Centre

Barbados Fertility Centre

Since 2002, Barbados Fertility Centre has been helping infertile couples from around the world achieve their dream of having a child. This island paradise offers more than just the peaceful and stress-free environment that couples need when undergoing IVF treatment.

Spotlight Clinic: Surrogacy Beyond Borders

Surrogacy Beyond Borders

Surrogacy Beyond Borders

Surrogacy Beyond Borders’s mission is to assist couples of any sexual orientation with their goals of family building. We believe surrogacy and egg donation should be open to anyone with reasonable means. We strive to offer intended parents a great experience with family building while keeping the costs affordable and the process transparent.

Spotlight Destination: Israel

Israel, Part I: Jerusalem

Israel, Part I: Jerusalem

IVF in Israel is a flourishing field as Israel has the highest IVF rate per capita in the world and it has leveraged this expertise to provide hope to others seeking their own miracle of birth. The biblical commandment to “go forth and multiply,” is one taken very seriously by Jewish people for who the concept of family is of paramount importance. And what is a family without children? It is also sensitivity to the needs of others seeking this all important fulfillment that makes Israel a willing partner in helping non-Israelis achieve their dream of having children. Read full article

Spotlight Lawyer

Surrogacy Laws India

International Fertility lawyers, here to help.

We at Surrogacy Laws India believe in making the intended parents the sole decision maker. Thus we allow you to arrange a surrogate for yourself and pay her whatever cost you want. We being a guardian ensure that the surrogate mother so chosen by you is legally competent of acting as a surrogate mother and further explain the surrogate mother what can be the legal consequences of surrogacy and counsel her in a manner that the entire journey of motherhood is lived in chorus by the intended mother. Learn more about Surrogacy Laws India.