Kathryn Kaycoff, MA

Kathryn became a mother of identical twins boys after suffering through five years of infertility. This included 6 fresh IVES. 3 frozen embryos transfers, more than 100 embryos, 2 Gestational Surrogates and 1 Egg Donor. Soon after her son’s births. Kathryn took her unwitting education in infertility, combined it with her organizational acumen & researching finesse, threw in a touch of her television writing, directing and producing skills and turned it into a successful surrogacy agency and fertility consulting business — Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Inc & Agency for Fertility Solutions. Working with clients from all over the world, the companies have been thriving since 2004.

With her business partner, Lauri Berger de Brito, Kathryn recognized the need for a global fertility informational hub. Many of their clients would lament that they could not afford to do various third party procedures in various countries and yet they didn’t know where to turn for reliable information. In response, Kathryn and Lauri created GlobalIVF.com, the one and only informational website geared towards fertility patients searching for answers about traveling abroad for IVF related treatments.

Kathryn has been quoted as a fertility/surrogacy expert in newspapers, magazines, and together with Lauri, has appeared on radio and television programs She is also a member of numerous fertility-related organizations including PVED, RESOLVE, ASRM, AFA and ESHRE.

Lauri Berger de Brito

Lauri Berger de Brito never thought having a family would be such a challenge. While her first daughter was the blissful result of a very naive IUI, it was only when she started trying for a sibling, that the world of secondary infertility came crashing down… with a vengeance. After suffering many miscarriages with IUIs, IVFs, ZIFT and even donor egg, Lauri turned to gestational surrogacy/donor egg to complete her family.

She now is a very happy mom to 3 children — 1 biological, and 2 little ones via same egg donor/same surrogate but born a year apart. Lauri is a former television producer. director and writer and spent countless years producing television, some of which did not make her proud. As co-director of the well-known and well-respected Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Inc, & Agency for Fertility Solutions, Lauri now ‘produces’ babies… and is proud of every single one! There is nothing more rewarding and ultimately as important as bringing a child into the world who is so very, very wanted.

With her business partner, Kathryn Kaycoff, Lauri recognized an area of fertility that was booming but one that had very little unbiased resources available. Their website, GlobalIVF.com, has, in short time, become the go-to site for all information regarding IVF/DE/GS around the world. Knowledge is power and power helps us realize our dreams.