You Asked. We Answered… Is PGD Legal in India?

161To: Global IVF

From: Anonymous
me and my husband have beta thalassemia minor.we want to go for IVF and PGD .Can  you share cost and tell us where PGD testing is availailable.


To: Anonymous

From: Global IVF via Anurag Chawla, Advocate.

PGD is legal in India. However, the use of PGD, as you are aware for sex identification of child is illegal.

As per the India law the following conditions need to be satisfied for doing PGD and the same can only be done by registered clinic/lab: –

1. No pre-natal diagnostic techniques shall be conducted except for the purposes of detection of any of the following abnormalities, namely:—

(i) chromosomal abnormalities;
(ii) genetic metabolic diseases;
(iii) haemoglobinopathies;
(iv) sex-linked genetic diseases;
(v) congenital anomalies;
(vi) any other abnormalities or diseases as may be specified by the Central Supervisory Board;

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2. No pre-natal diagnostic techniques shall be used or conducted unless the person qualified to do so is satisfied for reasons to be recorded in writing that online casino any of the following conditions are fulfilled, namely:

(i) age of the pregnant woman is above thirty-five years;
(ii) the pregnant woman has undergone of two or more spontaneous abortions or foetal loss;
(iii) the pregnant woman had been exposed to potentially teratogenic agents such as drugs, radiation, infection or chemicals;
(iv) the pregnant woman or her spouse has a family history of mental retardation or physical deformities such as, spasticity or any other genetic disease;
(v) any other condition as may be specified by the Central Supervisory Board;

There are clinics/hospitals available in India which do PGD and CGH.

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    I want to know the details n d cost of overall treatment



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