BlastGen IVF: New Hope for Failed IVF


BlastGen is the latest IVF technology giving hope to women who have had numerous failed IVF procedures in the past. It works by a signaling molecule called GM-CSF. This molecule is found naturally in a mother’s uterus. It protects the embryo from stress, allowing it to implant.

Unlike EmbryoGen, where the best embryos are selected on day 3, BlastGen embryos are cultured for an additional two days. The extra 48 hours puts healthy pregnancy odds at a much higher advantage because it means the embryos are selected only when they have reached the blastocyst stage.


What is the Blastocyst Stage?

The blastocyst stage is an embryo that has developed for five to seven days after fertilization and has 2 distinct cell types and a central cavity filled with fluid.)), so that the best embryo can be selected on day five and implanted (compared with three days using EmbryoGen).

BlastGen in Trial Phase Only

BlastGen is still in its trial phase, with only Australia and Japan utilizing it. According to Associate Professor Louise Hull, researcher at the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute and Fertility Specialist CREI at Fertility SA, “By using the BlastGen treatment for IVF, the embryo is being cultured in an environment that closely mimics what occurs naturally in a mother during conception,” Associate Professor Hull Says. “ (Quote from The University of Adelaide, Australia.)

Because of the molecule, embryos can grow in a more natural environment than they do in traditional IVF treatments.

The trial is expected to continue for another 18 months. If it passes, and there is strong evidence so far that it will, it will likely become commercially available to more couples.

Clinical Trial Open to Couples

Couples in Australia between 25 and 41 who have had 2 failed IVF treatments are welcome to apply to be part of the trial. They are told to contact Fertility SA on 8100 2900.

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