Oh Boy! Or Girl! A New Gender Selection Game Changer


Gender selection might be taken to a whole new level with a new study from Chinese scientists.

In a nutshell, this study shows promise that certain “nutrients” given to embryos during IVF procedures can highly favor the development of the sex of the baby. In the case of this particular undisclosed culture median, male embryos would dominate over the female.

Embryo Environment Changes Everything

As reported in New Scientist, technicians working on IVF with cows found that the type of culture medium could influence how well male and female embryos develop. The 2001 study also revealed that a glucose-rich medium seemed to favor the development of male embryos and the loss of females in cows.

As reported in Medical Daily, “In order to test if the same remained true for human embryos, scientists at Peking University Third Hospital in China analyzed more than 4,400 IVF procedures during 2011 and 2013. The team took note of the type of culture medium used to grow each embryo. Although the specific components of the medium were kept confidential, the team revealed that in one medium the proportion of male births was 56 percent, while for another the proportion was just 45 percent. The uneven proportions remained even when the researchers took other factors into context, such as the parent’s age, body mass, and the type of infertility they were experiencing. Based on these findings, the team concluded that, like the bovine fetuses, human fetuses also varied in their response to different culture mediums depending on their gender.”

Where is Gender Selection Legal?

Currently gender selection in IVF is illegal in Canada, the UK, and other Western countries. Many intended parents are turning to fertility tourism to take advantage of countries where laws aren’t so stringent. The world-respected fertility GlobalIVF has a comprehensive directory of agencies world wide where options are available if gender selection is important to you.

The Gender Selection Loophole

While it’s true that many countries have laws against choosing one embryo over another with gender selection, this new study may present a loophole. The basis for the loophole? Fertility clinics are free to use whichever medium to grow the embryos. They are not tinkering with the final results.

Is It Safe?

This is such a new study, so it’s very little evidence is out. While some early criticism is rolling in about unknown health concerns down the road, a good amount of feedback points to zero evidence that using these nutrients would have any impact other than gender on the embryo.

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