Authentic Comments about Dolce & Gabbana’s Synthetic Children


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were not stepping on egg shells with their talk last week about egg donation.

In their statements, the famous duo called IVF babes “wombs for rent” and “sperm selected from a catalog.” While Elton John and his husband (who have two children through IVF) were the most vocal about the protest, many other celebrities jumped on the “Boycott Dolce Gabbana” bandwagon.

The fashion icon’s opinions might not have been calculated, but their latest interview with CNN was. Calm and collected, both designers took varied approaches to addressing their controversial remarks.  “I respect you because you choose what you want. I respect me because I choose what I want … This just my point of private view,” Dolce said.

The fact that Dolce is gay, and once dated his current business partner, Gabbana, was clearly not a deterrent for his opposition to gay men using IVF. He cited his strong Sicilian heritage as giving him traditional family values.

While celebrities like Courtney Love, Ricky Martin and Andy Cohen have been vocal in their support for the #BoycottDolceGabbana campaign, others in the industry don’t see the big deal. One such person is Zoe Saldana. She was very clear that she wouldn’t let the comments affect her purchases, nor would she participate in the internet slurs.

“That would be the stupidest thing if it affected my fashion choice,”Saldana told E! News at the 2015 GLAAD Media Awards. “People are allowed to their own opinion, however, I wouldn’t have chosen to be so public about something that’s such a personal thing. Obviously it caused some sensitivity, but then again if you continue to follow the news, you see they all kinda hugged it out, so why are we making a big deal about it?”

Madonna, who is on Elton’s side on this one, agrees with Saldana on one point. “Think before you speak,” she quipped. Previously she stated, “All babies contain a soul however they come to this earth and their families. There is nothing synthetic about a soul!! So how can we dismiss IVF and surrogacy? Every soul comes to us to teach us a lesson. God has his hand in everything even technology! We are arrogant to think Man does anything on his own.”

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