The ABC’s of IVF in Poland: Writing a New Fertility Story

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2015 might very well birth a healthy new bill that will turn the tide for IVF in Poland.  This is exciting news for the majority of Poles who are in favor of IVF for married couples, despite it not being supported by government.

The Future of IVF in Poland

While attempts to regulate IVF have been thwarted by a strong Catholic backlash, religious rule could be overturned by culture. Written by the political right party, Civic Platform, a bill has been drafted to attract citizens to vote “Yes on IVF.”

Regulated IVF Means Safer Procedures

Governmental policy and procedure will help prevent catastrophes like this one where a woman gave birth to a child with multiple birth defects – only to find out later that the egg implanted wasn’t her own.

The Current State of IVF in Poland

IVF is legal—thousands of Polish couples have paid for the procedure in the fifty + private clinics that offer it—but lack of regulation is alarming. For example, there’s no oversight of the disposal of unused embryos.

‘The current lack of a legal framework for IVF is morally ambiguous and, from a medical standpoint, potentially dangerous,’ said Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz.

Ms. Kopacz also informed journalists that ‘human dramas, such as infertility, have neither a left- nor right-wing character’. She enthusiastically added that she was hopeful the bill would pass before the parliamentary autumn elections.

Who Will Benefit from IVF in Poland?

If the bill passes, the legislation would allow married and cohabiting couples access to the procedure after 12 months of trying to conceive. The age limit is likely to be capped at 35 for women.

GlobalIVF will keep you posted on the developments of Poland’s law, as well as other breaking fertility news.

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