Single Straight Men Turn to IVF to Start Families

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With more and more gay couples turning to IVF and surrogates, it was only a matter of time before single gay men got into the game. Following closely at their heels? Straight single men.

Why would a straight man choose a surrogate and the expense of IVF rather than just start a family with a woman? Wouldn’t that be easier? The simple answer is, “No.”

Kathryn Kaycoff-Manos and Lauri Berger de Brito, co-founders of Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Inc,  took the time to answer some questions on this quickly growing trend.

More and more straight men are choosing IVF to build a family. Why this sudden spike as opposed to a more traditional route?

I think that surrogacy has become a more known option for all people – no matter their sexual orientation or partnership situation. So if a man has not found the right partner he no longer has to opt to be childless or join in a partnership just for the sake of having children. Surrogacy creates opportunities for much wanted and loved children to come into the world, regardless of the parent’s marital status or lack of.

If a bachelor wanted to pursue IVF, why go the international route vs. the United States?

The best reason to travel outside of the United States is that the savings can be up to 50%.  Egg donors in other countries are significantly less as are IVF costs and surrogate costs.  That said, any fertility traveler should do so with caution. Explore the laws in the country you are looking at going to, in addition to the laws in your home country. Consult lawyers in both countries before signing any contracts or sending money.  It is best to go to a country where the laws have been established and as a single man you will be able to get a passport for your baby without the name of the surrogate or egg donor on it. You will be receiving a passport for your newborn from your home country at the local embassy so you must ensure the laws are good in your own country for surrogacy.

What would you say are the main pros for single men in using IVF? 

  1. They really want to be a father but cannot find a woman to start a family with and no longer want to wait to become a parent.
  2. If there are genetic diseases you don’t want to pass onto your child they can be weeded out through embryo testing.
  3. It is difficult for a single man to adopt and much easier to locate a gestational surrogate and egg donor to help him pursue his desire to have a family.
  4. Using an egg donor allows a single man to choose the potential genetics of his child… he can be a bit more ‘picky’ in the sense that he would not use a donor who has any genetic disorders or conditions like breast cancer in the family, etc.  Some worry that using an egg donor allows for the possibility of creating ‘designer babies’ but in our 11 years of experience, we have never seen this… most Intended Parents are not looking for ‘designer’ babies.. they just want a healthy baby.  Their expectations are generally fairly normal. 

Today Health recently did a segment on two men who desperately wanted children but never found the right life partner. Watch the video here.

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