Giving Back Through Egg Sharing

Suzanne understands how painful infertility can be.  She and her husband used donated sperm and went through eight cycles of IVF before her daughter, Libby, was born.  From her fertility struggles, Suzanne realized how important it was to give to another family in need by becoming an egg donor.  Suzanne had been interested in egg sharing for many years.  Through egg sharing a woman can donate her healthy eggs to another couple and receive discounted fertility treatment in return.  However, it wasn’t about the money for Suzanne.  She explains, “Someone else had given his sperm for us, so it seemed a kindness in return to give some of my eggs to someone else.”  At first, her husband was unsure.  He felt it would be too challenging for Suzanne to know someone else was able to have a baby using her eggs, if she was still childless.  But, after Libby was born, both Suzanne and her husband knew that egg sharing was the best decision for them as they tried for a sibling for Libby.  Currently, Suzanne and her husband are still trying for a sibling.  Suzanne was thrilled to learn that the couple she shared her eggs recently with gave birth to healthy twins.

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