Families Through Surrogacy Seminar

Belly-Bow-1Global IVF and Agency for Surrogacy Solutions are proud to partner with Families Through Surrogacy in their recent surrogacy seminar series in Australia.

The seminar showcased established and safe surrogacy options in Australia, US and around the world.  The important topics that were covered included using altruistic surrogacy, finding and understanding role of specialist lawyers, embryo shipper specialists and updates on embryo shipment and options in Australia, US and around the world.

Families Through Surrogacy is a non-profit organisation focused on bringing together surrogates, intended parents and families through surrogacy to network, share their stories and stay informed about best practice in surrogacy arrangements.

Click the link for the presentation FTS gave: FTS presentationFeb2016

For more information on the seminar and Families Through Surrogacy, click here




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