IVF Not Necessarily to Blame for Multiple Births


People often point the fingers to IVF when it comes to multiple births, but it might be time to start pointing the finger elsewhere.

New reports are merging stating that fertility treatments, and not the in-vitro itself, is a main reason for multiple births.

One of the things medical science is studying is the ovulation-inducing medications, or the sperm placed in a woman’s uterus, as being the reason for multiple births. With IVF, doctors can control the specific amount of embryos transferred to a uterus, but there are less ways to manage how many eggs are being released with stimulation drugs.

With close to 90,000 babies born pre-term every year as a result of multiples, health care for preemies is at an all time high. This is causing new legislation to be created surrounding the way ovulation drugs are prescribed. Do the doctors know all the risks? Are patients completely aware of the chances they are taking with multiples? Is there enough monitoring of the drugs in terms of side affects and the great risk of multiples?

Such questions are being looked at in more depth as infertility continues to be an issue for many women.

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