Want 1, 2 or 3 Kids? Study Estimates When to Start Building Your Family


More couples are delaying having kids as they try to equate their careers and other life goals with their need to have kids. But, at the same time, couples who hold too long may fall into fertility problems or end up unable to procreate.

A research from the Netherlands attempts to answer that question. Researchers predicted the paramount age at which a woman should embark to becoming pregnant, depending on how many offspring she wants to have and if she is open to using IVF (In vitro fertilization), noting that fertility drops progressively with a woman’s age. The researchers also proclaimed that men’s fertility may shift with age, but not as much as women’s, so they focused on women’s age in making their estimations.

For instance, the results revealed that couples who want a 90% chance of having at least one offspring and who do not want to use IVF should start trying to conceive no later than when the woman is 32. For a 90% chance of having more than one offspring without using IVF, they must at least start trying no later than when the woman is 27, according to the new research.

However, if the couple is willing to use IVF, or if they will welcome a lower chance of success, they can start a few years later — in some instances, 10 or more years later, the study found.

“The latest female age at which a couple should start trying to become pregnant strongly depends on the importance attached to achieving a desired family size, and on whether or not IVF is an acceptable option in case no natural pregnancy occurs,” the researchers said.

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