4 Ways to Support Someone Going Through IVF



The process of IVF is no easy road. If you know someone or have a friend that is currently using IVF to conceive a child, here are 4 simple yet effective ways to help them venture through the process.

4 Ways to Support Someone Undergoing IVF

1. Ixnay on the Pregnancy Talk

Many people scanning through IVF Facebook news feeds finds something distasteful with the amount of pregnancy babble. It’s very challenging to watch others take pleasure in the joy of a baby while, for some person, conceiving one is so much work it’s like a supporting job. If you’re pregnant or hear of other friends who are pregnant, be subtle about the matter. Swollen feet and nausea may be awful, but for the woman doing a round of IVF, those are signs of joy. It’s all perception.

2. Offer Your Hand

Is she feeling tired from all the medications? Does she need someone to go with her for treatments while her partner works? Is she feeling dejected and needs a girls’ night? Don’t be general: asking if she needs something will easily end up with her saying “no” most likely. Rather, offer precise help as listed above. E.g., “Do you want me to come with you to visit the doctor tomorrow?” It’s more direct than just, “Do you need anything?” She may say no because she needs her privacy, but asking goes a long way to show you love someone.

3. Don’t Ask Everyday If She’s Pregnant

As a matter of a fact, do not ask if she’s pregnant at all. Ask how she is doing as it regards IVF. That way if she chooses to tell you, she can, and if she doesn’t want to tell you, do not put her on the spot. Some family member are patiently waiting for another baby in the family, will ask regularly if their family member is pregnant, and it’s depressing and unpleasant for the person going through the process.

4. Acknowledge Her

Understand that pregnancy for you may have been a joyous experience, but for the woman enduring IVF, it may never feel entirely cheerful, even when she’s ready to give birth. When you have to fight to make that baby happen, everything seems dangerous and unsettled. Showing your friend, coworker, or family member extra love during this trying time is astonishingly helpful. A little compassion and a kind ear go a long way!

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