Think a 60 Year Old Can’t Give Birth? Think Again


If you’re past 40 and think you’re too old to have a baby, you might consider the case of Punji Patel, a 60 year old Indian woman who just gave birth.

According to the Indian Times, “You’re seldom blessed with the joy of becoming a mother at this age,” she said.

“Blessed” is an understatement. Her son arrived healthy and robust, weighing in at 8.6 pounds.

Patel wasn’t always so grateful. Prior to menopause, natural methods did not work. She and her husband of 35 years visited several hospitals, temples and even holy men to get pregnant, but no luck. Then, when menopause hit, she discovered she had an atrophic uterus. Also known as atrophic vaginitis, thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls occur due to one’s body having less estrogen.

Despite her advanced age, Punji would not relinquish her dreams of having a baby. Not only did she want her own, she wanted to carry and deliver it. After approaching a fertility center, she got pregnant through IVF in the first cycle itself.

According to the Indian Times, “IVF specialist Dr. Mehul Damani said Punji’s 65-year-old husband’s sperm was use to cause the pregnancy through IVF last year.”

Dr. Damani went on to add, “The woman’s uterus had become extremely small because of hormone deprivation, especially oestrogens (estrogens). In her case, pregnancy looked virtually impossible but she wanted to go ahead. Therefore, we reactivated her uterus through hormone dosages and she started having menses. Then we put her on IVF trial and an embryo was created using the sperm of her husband.”

There is always controversy from the public about IVF in general (let alone about women having babies at a later stage in life.) For Punji and her husband, however, it is nothing short of a miracle.

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