A New IVF Bill is Being Proposed for Wounded Vets









Wounded veterans just might experience a new freedom in the form of IVF coverage. This would be a major step forward for ex-military who were injured in duty and can’t have children due to spinal, genital or other injuries.

The bills are being introduced by Senator Patty Murray (District of Washington) and Representative Jeff Miller (Florida). While the VA covers IVF for military with an active status, a 23 year old bill bans those who are retired from government assistance. Representatives like Murray are giving voice to something he finds unfair, unwarranted and unjust.

Murray called the block on VA funding of IVF “a shocking gap, outdated and just wrong,” and said, “It’s a bill that recognizes the men and women who are harmed in the service of this country have bright, full lives ahead of them. To me, it’s such a no-brainer. The technology is there now. Why can’t we help them?” the Post reported.

According to the Military Times, Murray proposed similar bills in 2012 and 2013 but they failed to pass.

Folk like Holly Dillman, wife of Army Staff Sgt. Alex Dillmann, are hopeful. As reported to The Post and NewsMax, her husband was paralyzed from the abdomen down by an IED (improvised explosive device), in Afghanistan. She says, “The VA ban is literally adding insult to injury. It’s like the approach to this is, ‘We aren’t going to do anything to help you. You get to go this one alone.'”

Other folk like retired Army Staff Sgt. Matt Keil, left a quadriplegic after a sniper shot him in the neck in Iraq, and his wife, Tracy, now have twins, but only after spending $32,000 on IVF treatments. If this bill passes, more veterans like Keil could finally move forward with their dreams of having a family after fighting so hard to protect others’.

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