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For couples who face infertility issues, the options they have now are global. What is such a personal matter has now become a global industry that has people traveling all over the world and for many the journey takes them to India.

For Crystal Travis, her own infertility journey and success led her to start a business, World of Surrogacy, where she helps other couples on their journey.

After Crystal and her husband had their first child through surrogacy in India in 2007, she began getting asked for help from other couples and from her own interest in women’s issue, she created a business that aids and facilitates couples seeking surrogacy, mainly in India.

Travis is now helping women all over the world navigate through this deeply personal and complicated endeavor. Her business, which started out organically from her own personal experiences and research on surrogacy, has over the years developed strict policies and expectations.  Travis and her team make frequent visits to India where she insists on full access to the hospital, clinic and its staff.  Her vetting process is similar to a surprise inspection.  And with these frequent visits she is able to keep a keen eye on the industry aided by a personal perspective and now a professional one as well.

She works with only 3 or 4 hospitals and clinics she has scrutinized and that meet her standards. “The clinics we work with are specific for different reasons depending on what my client needs. We keep it small and the doctors we work with I’ve known for years.”

Her approach is that she insists on being considered “part of the team” for each clinic she works with, otherwise she says, “We have no desire to work with them.”

What sets India apart is that you can select your surrogate. Travis tells her clients there are few things they should consider when selecting a surrogate.  It’s important to select a surrogate who has already had a “live birth” and for those couple who want twins, they should select a surrogate who has a little more weight on her.

And while India has been in the forefront of surrogacy and infertility for a long time and is still the number one destination in the world for couples seeking surrogacy, it has recently experienced problems and controversies.

One of the major issues India is facing is it currently does not allow unmarried couples or gay couples to use India for surrogacy, which accounts for a third of the business in other countries.

“Doctors who continue to pursue surrogacy with gay couples, could have their licenses revoked but nothing has happened yet because there are still doctors working with gay couples.”

She believes that India will have to change their position on this issue because it’s losing ground in the surrogacy world to other counties that not only allow gay couples but that invested in state of the art facilities and the latest technology.

The other lingering issue is the idea that woman in India are being exploited. For Travis, this is simply not an issue.  It’s all relative and not comparative.  Since the cost of surrogacy in India is significantly lower than in the US, the amount the Indian woman receives is less.  But that in no way means they are being exploited.  “The bottom line is that the Indian surrogate technically makes more money than an American surrogate on par.”

The Indian surrogate actually makes more money than an American surrogate in terms of overall cost. And from their perspective, the women who are surrogates welcome couples from all over the world.

Another complexity is the issue of stateless children, which is when the country of the intended parents and the country of the surrogate mother both refuse to grant the baby nationality.

Recently it was announcement that the United States will no long require DNA testing for the children coming into the United States. Travis says “It is no longer a requirement for US citizens to do DNA testing in India.”

This new ruling from the US will alleviate this problem. “Parents are able to come home and not be stuck in a country for years on end,” said Travis.

It was announced that in the upcoming legislative session they will discuss several of these issues. However Travis believes that nothing will get resolved for some time.

For Travis, her business is now expanding to other countries because the technology is advancing and other countries are filling the void left by Thailand’s problems and the countries that restrict gay and unmarried couples.

The technology and advancements of surrogacy and IVF has improved so much that other countries are now getting in the field. And the trend for people seeking surrogacy is that they also want a better experience.

“The intended parents really frame these types of packages. They want a more cosmopolitan feel.”

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