You Asked. We Answered…Age Limit on IVF and Embryo Transfer

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Know the Age Limit on IVF and Embryo Transfer

To: Global IVF

From: Anonymous

Can I receive embryo transfer if I am age 54?

To: Anonymous

From: Global IVF

The answer is “Yes” – but a qualified yes.  First off it will not be your own egg given your age – you will need the eggs of a younger woman (also called and egg or ovum donor.)  Some clinics do have a cut off of age 50, but there are some that will go up to age 55  – but you have to get moving. The clinic will do testing on you first to determine your overall health and you’ll have to do an EKG – but if all is good they will give you hormones to ready your uterus, transfer one or two embryos and if all goes well you’ll stay on hormone supplements until about 11 weeks into the pregnancy.

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