Waiting to Meet the Surrogate

surrogacy in IndiaHi all

Well, things are moving but s l o w l y.

The good news is we get to meet the surrogate in January.  I’ve conceded that both Pete and I have to go to India prior to transfer.  Rules are rules and this is not one that can be broken.

Dr Kalyani Patel, Rotunda suggested we use Kynisi couriers to take our 4  frozen embryos from Isida, Kiev to Rotunda, India.  Isida is a great place with great results – I still look back on Fertility Friends board to see how others are faring, so many successes, sadly not me latterly.

In some ways I’m geared up for failure but of late I’ve found myself thinking “what if it works?”, “it could work!”  It could even be twins…  I’m not sure what Rotunda’s policy is on multiples or how many embryos they transfer.  If all 4 thaw successfully I’d want to try all 4 and hope 1 will go the distance and come home to our small Scottish island where he/she will cause a bit of a stir!  Some will be shocked, others will disapprove  but most will be delighted.

Nothing in the world can compete with holding your new baby, the pride, joy and sheer pleasure, the best high in the world!  And how can I repay our surrogate for that gift?  I will forever be in her debt and most certainly will send Christmas presents, if she’s happy to accept them.

Speaking of Christmas… most of the presents bought online, having to travel to the mainland for the stocking fillers.  The flight costs circa £150 return, hotel £100.  All this to go to Poundland!  But aren’t stocking fillers the best?

Onwards with the visas.  Ella did a geography project, comparing Mumbai with Paris.  She chose Mumbai as she’s so looking forward to going.  She’s got so much love to give a little sibling.

Happy Christmas to you all.

Speak in the New Year.


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