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I am planning to send my frozen embryos to India for surrogacy. I am very confused on shipping advice i am getting from the cryoshipper states they can not use fed ex as they do not ship embryos and the Indian fertility clinic is saying they ship using Fed EX and have never had a problem. I am very stuck and don”t know how to get information to help me. Would you know if Fed EX is an appropriate method to ship as the clinic advises or would the cryoshipper be right? keep in mind the cryoshipper might also have a vested interest and chances are they probably use FED EX themselves? when I asked the cryoshipper whom do they use she said she can not divulge that information to me…. sounds confusing on who to believe. Please help, i just want to hget these embryos over to India safely. I have researched the clinic and they seem to be a reputable established clinic that i have mobile casino gotten many referrals on.

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When considering   a transportation  company you can ask both clinics (the clinic who has the embryo now, and the clinic who will be receiving the embryo)  who they recommend. Often they have a few companies they are worked with in the past and liked. When choosing a transportation company a few good questions to ask are: How often do they cater shipping embryo and do they have recent experience going to India. As note – there have been recent changes in shipping embryo to India and you want to be sure and choose a company who is up to date on the changes. What  services are included in the pricing. You want to make sure you know what you are paying  for. Check for any deposits, or additional fees. Also, for international shipments duties and taxes will be assessed.  Know who is responsible for paying them and how much they are. Do they provide tracking of the shipment and how are you alerted if there is a problem. As for not sharing who they are using for transportation it maybe a business decision not to share business relationships.

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