U.S. Couple Choose Surrogacy in Kiev

We are currently US citizens, who have been attempting to get pregnant for some time.  I have a blood disorder and because of it I have miscarried 4 times. The last miscarriage was in 2008. After that we decided it was time to look into a surrogacy program and chose to do surrogacy in Kiev.  Thus far it has been a  good journey for us.  Everything went as we had planned and hoped it would go. Kiev is a very good place and the people are very friendly and the weather has been pleasant. The experience for us has been good and we are happy to say that our surrogate mother has twins. We are very impressed with the treatment that we received at the clinic.

Infertility clinic in Kiev

At this time we are waiting for nbso online casino the surrogate mother to do the ultrasound for this month. The last ultrasound was on June 4th and we watched a video from the ultrasound. Watching this cute little creature made our heart melt, and we broke into tears. We watch that video every day and we pray that everything to go well.

The surrogate will get another ultrasound this month which we are anxiously awaiting.

We had the chance to meet the surrogate for a few minutes in the clinic before the procedure. We thanked her for doing such a noble thing for us.  We have not talked directly to the surrogate since we left Kiev, but they  told us after she currently had hematoma and she was in pain.  We decided not to bother her by making her come to the clinic to skype with us.

We are trying our best to not bother her with requests and advice on what she should do.

So far are happy with the progress.



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