IVF in IsraelIsrael’s highly educated and highly entrepreneurial workforce is a world leader in many fields –biotechnology, defense, hi-tech, and medicine. And within the field of IVF treatment, Israel has attained undisputed world leadership.

IVF in Israel is a flourishing field as Israel has the highest IVF rate per capita in the world and it has leveraged this expertise to provide hope to others seeking their own miracle of birth. The biblical commandment to “go forth and multiply,” is one taken very seriously by Jewish people for who the concept of family is of paramount importance. And what is a family without children? It is also sensitivity to the needs of others seeking this all important fulfillment that makes Israel a willing partner in helping non-Israelis achieve their dream of having children.


The Israeli government is also fully supportive of IVF treatment from a humane and an existential perspective. Israeli women under the age of 45, married or single, are subsidized to give birth to up to two children via IVF regardless of the number of procedures required to achieve this. At a cost of USD3,450 per treatment (according to the Health Ministry), this adds up. And many people say this figure is highly conservative.

According to a Human Reproduction Update in 2002, 1,657 IVF procedures per million people were performed in Israel, 84% more than Iceland in second place, and a whopping 1,300% more than the U.S. In 2010, 4% of Israeli children are born via IVF versus 1% in the U.S. In the decade from 2000 to 2010, the IVF success rate almost doubled. The number of IVF cycles almost doubled to 35,000 from 2000 to 2011.

Due to a preponderance of factors Israel has carved out a niche as a country specializing in IVF treatment. The number of procedures performed together with excellent medical staff and facilities, as well as exposure to the numerous individual problems encountered in the successful creation of an IVF baby resulting in the development of a broad range of solutions, have resulted in Israel being the country of choice for those unable to conceive naturally.

fertility in IsraelIsraeli residents pay nothing for IVF procedures performed at public hospitals and only approximately USD150 at private hospitals for patients with supplementary insurance. This compares with the cost of an average treatment in the U.S. that costs USD12,400.

Israel has thrown open its doors to anyone in the world seeking children but unable to conceive naturally. Non-residents are not government subsidized, however the cost of treatment in Israel is far less than comparable treatment in the U.S. And here is the clincher – there is no comparable treatment in the U.S., or any other country for that matter. Israel is the undisputed world leader in IVF treatment. IVF in Israel cannot be beaten.

Israeli’s are very sympathetic to those seeking a child but unable to conceive. Israel has a highly evolved tourism, including medical tourism, industry. Most Israelis speak at least basic English, with medical practitioners being fluent in the language. This makes Israel a very user friendly destination for those seeking IVF treatment.

IVF in Israel is the result of an almost perfect storm as Israel is a country culturally predisposed, technically capable, and financially supported by the government in providing world best practice, state-of-the-art  IVF treatment.


Written by Sharon B.R on behalf of Hadassah, visit our website for more information on IVF treatment in Israel.

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