Why I became a Surrogate

Surrogate in GeorgiaBecoming a surrogate was a choice made for very practical reason. I am a 33 year old mother of 2 children. We live in a house and are struggling to repay our bank loan. I found out about surrogacy as an option through an ad in the newspaper . My husband and I made decision together. This was a much harder decision for my husband. We either had to do this, or the bank would take the home away and now he supports me in this process.

Initially I was very afraid, and since I am a coward by nature it was a very scary step for me to take. It has been great for me  since I am getting some of the best care I have ever had. My own pregnancies were at my home and the birth process was very painful. This is my first time with medical supervision, and I look forward to seeing the Doctor. Working with the New Life Agency has also made this a very positive experience thus far.

The embryo transfer went so well. The IP’s were there and very supportive. I am feeling very happy and content, less scared as I enter my 5th month. Today I find out the sex of the baby. It will be the 2nd time I am with the IP’s who are coming in for the ultrasound today. I am quite happy that I can help this couple. For some it might feel shameful but I feel like I’m doing something kind by helping them.


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