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Anonymous egg donation is very common in countries outside the USA. In fact there are only a few countries (England and Australia) where clinics allow known egg donors – meaning you bring your own egg donor, or the clinic allows you to meet one of their egg donors in the event you want further contact.

Most countries that offer the low cost egg donor programs that are enticing have laws mandating the use of anonymous egg donors.

How does it work?

Clinics will ask you about your preferences about what you are looking for in a donor – this may include height, weight, eye color, hair color, skin tone, age, and blood type. The clinic will also ask for a photo of yourself and they do the matching for you. Most of the time the clinics will provide you with limited details about your donor but never include a photo.

How will they screen my donor?

Clinics have their own egg donor screening guidelines. It’s important for you to ask each clinic what those guidelines are. The good news is most clinics use the same screening guidelines as ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine), these guidelines are followed along with whatever requirements the local clinic may require.

What’s the definition of an anonymous egg donor?

An anonymous donor is defined as a potential donor of oocytes who undergoes a thorough medical, and genetic screening. Her identity, including her name, demographics, date of birth, and current photograph, are not released to potential recipient families. She is compensated a set fee determined by the fertility clinic for her time and effort during the donation cycle. Matching with anonymous donors is usually done by the center’s Egg Donation team, who together help to choose the right donor based on the recipient’s physical characteristics, and traits that a recipient has decided are most important.

Anonymous egg donation is a safe haven for donors who want to help an infertile couple, but can still retain a sense of distance from the genetic contribution they are making and not be involved or even aware of the existence of a pregnancy or child resulting from their efforts. This also is a good option for recipients, whom while they understand that the genetic contribution is coming from another source, can keep the identity and mental picture of their donor at arm’s length. While no identifying information is given, recipients receive the donor’s complete medical history, screening completed by a genetic counselor, a toddler picture, and written answers to questions inquiring about academic strengths and weaknesses, personality traits, and goals and accomplishments, which offers information, but can also provide the recipient with a sense of the donor’s character, sense of humor, and future ambitions.

Is Anonymous Egg Donation for you?

The first decision you are going to need to make is whether or not you are going the known donor egg route or the anonymous egg donor route. If you are going to choose the known egg donor route then you are going to have to select a country that allows known egg donation like Australia or England.

To some it’s important to use a known egg donor while others are more comfortable selecting an anonymous egg donor. An anonymous egg donor, is a donor found through the clinics egg donor database. The clinic will not reveal the identity of the egg donor to the intended parents. The egg fertility center serves as the point of contact with the donor. Using an anonymous donor provides more confidentiality and a clearly defined relationship with the donor.

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