Views About Gestational Surrogacy From Around the World

Many countries around the world view Gestational Surrogacy as a wonderful gift that a gestational surrogate offers; however, some see the darker more negative side of a selfless and generous act.

Bishop Nikolay a radical Bulgarian Orthodox Bishop of Plovdiv views gestational surrogacy no different than prostitution.  If we look up the words prostitution and human trafficking we find that prostitution is the practice or occupation of engaging in sex with someone for payment.  Human Trafficking is defined as the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation or reproductive slavery, forced labor, or a modern-day form of slavery.

The reality is that children born through Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART) regardless of where they are created, Spain, Czech Republic, the Ukraine, England, or the USA are created purposely, specifically, and with great care in the hopes that the intended parents who are heavily invested emotionally, spiritually, and financially with finally become parents – something they have to desperately wanted. Intended parents from around the globe who turn to ART and Gestational Surrogacy do so with great intent, and much planning.  Bringing a child into the world via Gestational Surrogacy is an amazing journey that isn’t spontaneously thought about.

Bishop Nokolay spoke after a church service in Plovdiv in regards to the arrival of the holy relics of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne who are the parents of the Virgin Mary. The Bishop talked about surrogacy in respect to a recent case that involved Bulgarian heroin addicts who attempted to sell their newborn baby in an online forum for EUR 5000.000.

The Bishop went on to say:

“Two days after I reminded the position of the Holy Synod [of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church] about surrogate motherhood, and I was duly abused, the media exploded with the news that a child was offered for sale on the Internet. All were indignant. But I am asking, what is the difference between the sale of this child, and the future legal surrogate mothers?” Bishop Nikolay went on to quote the Bulgarian dictionary on the meaning of “surrogate” as an “inadequate replacement”.

“The child [of a surrogate mother] will not be a child, it will be an inadequate replacement,” he argued.

The reality is that sex has or reproductive slavery has anything to do with Gestational Surrogacy. Being a gestational surrogate is a generous, selfless act that is truly a gift from one to another.

While Gestational Surrogacy is illegal in some countries there are many countries such as India, Canada, Australia, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Georgia (the Country), South Africa, Israel,  the Ukraine and all but a few states in the USA,  that embrace Gestational Surrogacy and view it as a healthy and good thing.

This is a good reminder that not all countries hold the same definitions in regards to Gestational Surrogacy, and not all countries view Gestational Surrogacy. Continuing education regarding ART and its benefits will hopefully bridge the gap between those countries around the globe who embrace Gestational Surrogacy and those that do not.

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