HCG Beta – Hoping for better news and looking for answers

From a HCG Beta result of 15 on Wednesday my beta rose to 30 on Friday.  I was elated and promised myself no more pregnancy tests for several days.  On Monday, however, I began to have some spotting.  Desperate for reassurance I went for another blood test.  It came back as 17 and my clinic advised me that I could stop taking the medicines. I’ve been spotting ever since and a subsequent test confirmed the failure of our pregnancy.

When the clinic said I need to go for yet another HCG Beta to make sure the levels were low enough, I was afraid I might need a D&C as happened with my 2 of my 3 prior miscarriages.  Fortunately the number was 4 -low enough to not need further intervention.

Now we are faced with the question of what to do next.  Back to Canada to try with the 2 remaining blastocysts?  We are concerned that the stress of the embryos being frozen with vitrification, then shipped from South Africa, thawed and then refrozen using Genesis’ different slow-freeze protocol – means that our chances of success are very low and/or that there may be chromosome damage to any resulting fetus.

It would help so much to speak with an embryologist but my Canadian clinic says I must speak with the doctor and I can’t get a consultation appointment with him for 2 weeks.

If anyone knows how I can go about finding an embryologist to speak with, please contact me!*

*At Global IVF every  journey is different and  Global IVF posts the realities of what people experience. We wish our Journeyer the best and look forward to future posts.


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