Secondary Infertility

Secondary infertility is a hard diagnosis for many women around the world.  Having carried one or more children to term without difficulty, these mothers expect their bodies will be able to do it again.  But, often for undiagnosable reasons, infertility strikes…leaving hopeful parents feeling upset.

Leigh, featured in Sleek Gossip’s article “Secondary Infertility: An Unexpected Diagnosis“, found that people were not taking her concerns seriously because she was able to give birth before.  She says, “I worried that something was wrong, but friends, family and even my OB kept telling me to relax, not to be in such a rush since I was obviously able to get pregnant. Even I assumed I must be able to conceive since I had done so twice before.”  Hearing advice such as, “Just relax, you did it before” or, “It will happen naturally” can be extremely frustrating for those experiencing secondary fertility issues.

Visit Global IVF’s blog this week for Global IVF’s own Lauri Berger de Brito‘s piece on her personal experience with secondary infertility, and Marriage and Family Therapist Andrea Bryman‘s advice on coping with secondary infertility.

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