Sharing the Ins and Outs with Fertility Travel Agents

Global IVF. And that included our (Global IVF’s) first venture into the world of travel agents and spa packaging.  Perhaps it seems a bit of a stretch that Global IVF would be of interest to this particular audience… but we were welcomed with open arms!  We knew we had valuable information for the travel agents,  it was nice to know that they thought so too!  We had so many people stop by our booth, all interested in learning what Global IVF has to offer and how travel agents can start assisting patients traveling cross-border to start their families. Some had friends who’d gone through IVF but for many it was their first look into what patients need when they leave their hometown to have babies.  While it seems common knowledge to us, so many were beyond surprised at the global options available, particularly the big savings for travelers, and more than a few said they wished they had known about Global IVF sooner since they had several clients who could have been helped by our website.  We LOVE enlightening people (any people!) about global fertility options. That’s what Global IVF is all about …

Our talk on Thursday afternoon focused on educating travel agents as to what a traveling fertility patient would require from them – so we started by showing how a fertility patient’s travels would be different than a regular client, or even other medical tourists.  We gave them simple step-by-step breakdowns of all procedures; IVF, egg donation and surrogacy, and then provided key tools on how to facilitate the process;  how many trips each one would require, how long the trips would be,  and what sort of accommodations would be necessary.  We could tell from their faces and their questions that they, too, realized there was a definite need for educated travel agents to assist traveling fertility patients and that the field of fertility tourism was only going to get bigger.  We’re confident now that there will be a new breed of ‘ fertility travel agents ’ on the horizon, thanks in part to our attendance at this conference.

Another aspect that was touched upon at the conference… well-being.  Well-being is a holistic approach to health care… so it makes perfect sense to us that fertility treatments be included in this area.  After all, what can be more stressful than embarking on a fertility journey –where the ultimate goal is to have a baby.  At Global IVF, we believe it is important to look at fertility treatments from a holistic point of view and we are finding that many clinics around the world feel the same way.  That is why we encourage our readers to try acupuncture, massage, Chinese medicine, etc … as alternative treatments or in conjunction with traditional fertility treatments.  The Well-Being Conference gave us a chance to communicate with spa packagers as well as various medical tourism companies and teach them how fertility tourism fits into the overall umbrella of medical tourism.  Again, they were all very interested in learning more about how they could better assist traveling fertility patients and we were more than happy to answer their questions.

Overall, it was a great conference!  Global IVF will continue to search out and attend all important medical tourism conferences/seminars, etc and we look forward to passing what we learn on to you.

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