IVF Journey: Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

My IVF Journey Update

Wow! Time is FLYING! First, I found out that I am carrying a precious baby boy! Yep, my intended parents will have a baby brother for their son! That should be lots of fun. I was possibly going to be delivering in CA, but the chances of that needing to happen are looking less and less. Since I’m not from CA, I am pretty happy about not needing to travel. Of course, I would LOVE to go see my former intended parents and adorable surro-twins, but there is just no need for the move or added stress on my family or me. The option is still there if needed, but I am happy at the thought of being home and having a nice scheduled delivery. I go for my second OB appointment this coming week and will have a quad screening done. Hopefully that will all come back okay, and, if so, I will not have to get the amnio that is scheduled for later this month. My intended parents are going to try to be in town for our upcoming ultrasound and I am super excited! So, that is it for now. I am working hard and loving life!


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