Two Little Frosties on Board

So, I am here in Belgium in bed. I am praying these two little thawed 5 day embies (now 6 day) are getting snuggled in. My future sister in law, Jenn, and I arrived in Belgium yesterday and the transfer was at 2pm. Upon arriving at the clinic, I was given my instructions and told to go into a room. I went in the room and waited. No one told me to strip down and get into my hospital gown. However, once the two nurses came into my room and ask, “Why aren’t you undressed? The doctor is waiting for you!” I realized I should have already been in my transfer attire. I told them I would put it on immediately and rather than them kindly leaving the room while I stripped down, they just stood there chatting! I felt a little awkward but knew to take it all with a grain of salt, Jenn kindly helped shield me while I attempted to put my hospital gown on modestly. I crawled into the bed and my intended mother came in to ask the nurses if they had given my valium. They had not, and knew nothing about it. They proceeded to make a stink about why I needed it. I informed them very nicely that I did not NEED it, but I preferred it as that is what we had done in the past on my SUCCESSFUL transfers and would like to keep everything as similar to the successful cycles as possible. My intended mother agreed with me and wanted the same. So, they gave me the valium and I had to wait another 30 minutes for the transfer, but at least I was nice and relaxed. My stress level is higher there because the nurses did NOT go out of their way to make me feel comfortable… or even human for that matter. I will say that I liked the doctor. While very quiet, he has such a kind face and makes me feel at ease. There was also a very nice woman doctor who seemed very concerned with our situation. She spoke for a while with my intended mother and just kept smiling the sweetest smile at me. I later learned she did the egg retrieval for my intended parents the last time.

Once the transfer was done I was wheeled back to the room on my bed and told to rest for an hour. I fell asleep for 2! I woke up and felt so very bad that my poor intended mom and Jenn had to sit there for so long but they said that they didn’t mind. We left the clinic and I came to my room where I have been lying down. I slept all day yesterday and have just been resting all day today. I am enjoying the rest because this trip took a lot out of me. My husband didn’t join me this time and I miss him so very much which makes me thankful that we are leaving tomorrow. HOPEFULLY, this time I am going to be PREGNANT!!! We will see….

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