Mexico: A Perfect Place for New Beginnings

central americaSometimes it is difficult to distinguish the shortcomings of your own culture until you are exposed to another one. But when that happens, you may find that the alternatives may actually be superior. For example, who would have guessed that catsup would have to move over and allow salsa to take the center stage as America’s most popular condiment? But then, all it takes is a taste to know why.

If you have been dealing with fertility issues within the US medical system, I predict you will learn a great deal about the shortcomings of your US experience when you visit Mexicofor treatments. Why? Because there are positive things available in Mexico that you just can’t find at home, no matter what the price.

Mexico has become a haven for people from all over the world seeking treatment for infertility, particularly those who want IVF. Of course, one of the reasons people consider Mexico to begin with is the lower cost. Mexico offers IVF at typically less than half of cost for the same treatment in the USA. Many of the doctors are trained in the US and speak English as well.

Other advantages of Mexico as an IVF destination are the reduced travel time from the USA compared to other international locations and less jet lag due to flying north to south rather than east or west. These reduce stress, job time loss and make the travel involved more affordable. And, of course, if you can stay for a little extra time, you can discover why 22 million travelers a year vacation in Mexico.

But there is another reason the Mexico is an ideal place for fertility treatment. Mexican culture is very family focused. This means that doctors and other medical staff have a deep understanding of the emotional issues involved in achieving pregnancy.

Unlike so many people in the US who are perplexed by the grieving that is typical and normal for infertile couples, Mexicans, who are already naturally caring, completely understand. There is no, “Why don’t you just adopt?” attitude that many want-to-be parents find hurtful and this sensitivity can make a huge difference.

But with any new experience, the more prepared you are, the easier it will be, and little things can make a big difference. For example, in Mexico people typically stand much closer to each other when they converse, even complete strangers. I mean they stand really close, inches apart. Imagine you didn’t know this. You might think that someone was pressing in on you, invading your personal space, maybe even coming on to you.

I wrote The English Speaker’s Guide to Medical Care in Mexico to help you understand both the culture and medical practices of Mexico better. It can make your IVF travel experience more relaxing to have this information. And with all the other things you have to deal with, any uncertainty you can eliminate is a good thing.

Interested in learning more? Purchase The English Speaker’s Guide to Medical Care in Mexico here!

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