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After a 12 hour flight from Los Angeles, Lauri & Kathryn (the co-founders and directors of Global IVF, Inc) touched down in Rome. If you haven’t been here, you should make it a point to come at some time in your life. Italy is a magical place! The pizza, the pasta, the gelato… oh we can go on and on, and then everywhere you turn the beautiful statues, the fountains with history etched upon them, the pieces of the past.. touching with modern day life. The cafes, the artists… the people. All we keep saying is ‘we can live here.. when can we move?” Okay – but we’re here for ESHRE – the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. So we’re excited to mingle with embryologists and ART physicians from all over the world, and ask the questions that you would want to ask. But first we meet up with our dear friend, Mary Fusillo, owner of the Donor Solutions in TX. After a few limoncellas (and if you don’t know you’ve got to try — just ask Danny de Vito!) we get down to business and video tape her for an expert interview for Global IVF. Mary is a wealth of information – and we believe the ONLY egg donor agency in the United States that medically prescreens each and every donor and MEETS each and every donor. How many agencies can say that?? Mary is a dynamo – a former fertility nurse who worked with a well know IVF clinic and then Freedom Drugs as an educator and travelled from clinic to clinic – plus a mom herself via egg donation. The woman is incredible – she understands just what her clients need and want and she DELIVERS! We highly recommend her agency – if you’re looking for a medically pre-screened donor with very clean genetic history and just first rate personalities and qualities — look no further.

It’s easy to stay up late into the night in Italy – because everyone else does! The restaurants and cafes stay busy well past midnight.. and most people don’t even sit down to dinner until 10 pm. Needless to say we had a bit of problem getting up in the morning… but the razor thin pizza and red wine was well worth it! Ummmmm!!

This morning Kathryn and I made our way to the convention center – and to the pre conference seminar on Cross Border Reproductive Care. WE know how important cross border reproductive care is becoming — now the rest of the reproductive world knows too! We heard some interesting talks from folks out of Belgium, Italy, and the United States. Plus we had a chance to meet two very interesting people. One was a very intelligent lawyer from Russia – who has been working for the past several years in third party reproductive law and practice in Russia. He was telling us (and we will soon share with you in an EXCLUSIVE video interview) all about doing egg donation and surrogacy in Russia — and why it just might be the next up and coming place for Global IVF travellers! The price is right.. and the legalities seem to be better than India in terms of surrogacy. (egg donation is not an issue at all). They work with same sex, single and hetero and GET THIS you can learn all about your egg donor – including full health history, personality profile, and pictures pictures pictures! That’s been one of the biggest complaints about going abroad for egg donation – that everything is anonymous and that you cannot learn anything about your egg donor. Not so in Russia! And the cost — pretty darn good! Plus they have all inclusive (except for your travel) prices for egg donation and surrogacy – basically you pay one fee and you are guaranteed as many tries as it will take to have a baby. Sounds good to me! Plus their statistics and care are rivaling the rest of the global fertility world.

We also met with a young enterprising woman who runs a company out of the Ukraine – that helps facilitate travel and coordination with clinics for American patients. She invited us to an informal information gathering meeting tomorrow night — so stay tuned, cause as soon as we have new info, you will too! Our mission at Global is to keep you updated on all of the latest options for creating or building your family — and by keeping our finger on the pulse of the global fertility market, we can keep you educated and at the top of your game. Keep checking in… we’ll be adding updates from ESHRE each day — and when we get back to the States, we’ll have lots of new and exciting video interviews to share. Make sure to sign on for our free enewsletter and post on our forums! We keep the information flowing , but you, our website visitors, keep us excited about what we do…
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