• Personhood Bill Defeated in Virginia!

    Personhood Bill Defeated in Virginia!

    The ‘Personhood’ Bill threatened IVF and other fertility treatments in Virginia.  If you were one of the many citizens who spoke up against this bill, your voice made a difference!  According to RESOLVE, “Virginia residents sent more than 1,700 emails to their Delegates and Senators, made hundreds of phone calls […]

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  • What is Your Fertility IQ?

    What is Your Fertility IQ?

    Reports of celebrity moms having children well into their 40s may leave women misinformed.  In a recent Fertility IQ survey- conducted on behalf of RESOLVE– more than half of participating women failed the 10-question survey.  Most commonly missed questions?  Those regarding women’s fertility decline at various ages.  Read more about […]

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  • The Truth About Trying

    REDBOOK magazine recently teamed up with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association to launch a new campaign to bring awareness to infertility!  This month REDBOOK interviewed women struggling with infertility for their article The Invisible Pain of Infertility.   In conjunction with the article, REDBOOK started a No-Shame Video Campaign- “The Truth […]

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  • RESOLVE of New England forms LinkedIn Group

    RESOLVE of New England forms LinkedIn Group

    Curious about fertility news, events, and happenings in New England?  Check out RESOLVE of New England’s recently formed a linkedIn group! “RESOLVE of New England Providing infertility education, support, and advocacy since 1974.”   Connect with Global IVF through LinkedIn, and let us know about  some of your other favorite […]

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