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  • Global IVF on the Radio!

    Global IVF on the Radio!

    It was a fun and informational hour on “Creating a Family: Talk about Infertility and Adoption” as Global IVF’s Co-Founder & Vice President Lauri de Brito talked with host Dawn Davenport and panelist Taras Kuzin, Founder and CEO of MedVacation, about cross-border reproductive care.  If you are an intended parent […]

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  • Same Sex Couples Journey to India

    Same Sex Couples Journey to India

    Two heart-warming stories from same-sex couples who recently returned home from India with twins! Terry and Steve share their journey to India.  Inspiring and informational, Terry and Steve speak on how they chose India initially, the first clinic they worked with, why they decided to change clinics, and, ultimately, what […]

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  • Link Between Cell Phones and Infertility

    Link Between Cell Phones and Infertility

    Men– keeping your cell phone in your pants pocket? Maybe you should think twice about your phone’s resting spot. According to recent studies, there may be a strong link between male infertility and cell phone use. Sperm quality appears to be lower for men who store their cell phones in […]

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  • Hot weather? Hot topics!

    Hot weather? Hot topics!

    Global IVF”s founders, Kathryn Kaycoff-Manos, MA and Lauri de Brito, are heating things up in Vegas this summer at the StartART 2011 in August! And by that we mean cashing in on the international infertility market. Lauri and Kathryn will be hosting a lunch table for other attendees to discuss […]

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  • Professor Robert Edwards Knighted!

    Professor Robert Edwards Knighted!

    Congratulations to scientist Professor Robert Edwards who was recently knighted for his fertility research and his development of IVF! Just eight months ago Sir Edwards was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine for his work. A pioneer in his field, Sir Edwards, along with gynaecologist Patrick Steptoe, changed the lives […]

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