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We have evolved a new way of approaching surrogacy after we realized that many young couples went through great financial hardships to get a child of their own.

This way of doing surrogacy will not only let one have control over finances but also let you be emotionally engaged in the whole journey.

Selection of Surrogate


We at Surrogacy Laws India believe in making the intended parents the sole decision maker. Thus we allow you to arrange a surrogate for yourself and pay her whatever cost you want. We being a guardian ensure that the surrogate mother so chosen by you is legally competent of acting as a surrogate mother and further explain the surrogate mother what can be the legal consequences of surrogacy and counsel her in a manner that the entire journey of motherhood is lived in chorus by the intended mother.


We aim at providing cent percent transparency and comfort to the intended parents. If the intended parents desire to have a surrogate through us we also arrange for a meeting of the same. As per ICMR Guidelines of 2005, which deal with ART it has been clearly laid out that only law firms and semen banks are authorized to provide the surrogate mother to the intended parents.

Selection of Doctor


If the intended parents have already chosen a doctor we help them in ascertaining that whether the choice of doctor is good for them or not. The vocation of ensuring that the doctor meets the requisite qualification, experience etc is on our shoulders. We draft all the documents pertaining to the medical services so engaged by you. Being your guardian we maintain good touch with the doctor and ensure that the money is paid to the right person for the right treatment. We minimize all the chances of exploitation of you and the surrogate mother.


The intended parents, often being new to the country are not in a position to make up their minds for the right IVF doctor/hospital. With so many luring advertisements each guaranteeing perfect services to the intended parents the parents are highly susceptible of being erroneous. We at Surrogacy laws India have our own set of empanelled doctors and hospitals that have a successful history in IVF field and are sheer humane and professional in their approach towards clients.

Legal Services


We provide you with all the contracts/papers/documents etc that are needed in the surrogacy process for instance the surrogacy contract, the endorsement by  clinic, contract for financial terms etc.


To review all the legal documents executed between the Intended Parents and the Surrogate Family and to check and ensure that the same are properly signed and officially stamped. We make sure that the said legal documents so executed are legally correct and contain all the necessary clauses that safeguard the interests of the Intended Parent/s.


We Assist Intended Parents in obtaining expedited Birth Certificate(s) from Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and getting Apostille Sticker on the Birth Certificate from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), wherever required.


We arrange all the documents, application etc for the passport and exit of the children. Further we also arrange the meetings with embassy if needed. We assist Intended Parents with obtaining Exit Visas for child(ren) through Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in Delhi. 


We at Surrogacy Laws India also ensure that all your documents needed for obtaining a favorable court order are prepared well in time. Also we represent the intended parents in the foreign courts if the need be. In the event of any dispute arising out of surrogacy arrangements, we address the same before appropriate forum, with our expertise and relevant knowledge of the subject.

Supervision of Surrogate and Clinics

We at Surrogacy Laws India help the intended parents also live the voyage of parenthood through the surrogate mother. We arrange for time to time meeting of intended parents with surrogate either through phone, mail, skype, photographs etc. We also keep the parents updated about which all tests the surrogate mother went through and give them the reports/prescription, photographs, scans etc.

The IVF clinics often don’t provide the intended parents about the exact status of surrogate and thereby leaving the intended parents feeling deflated. We at Surrogacy Laws India ensure that before any payment is made by you for a treatment the need of treatment is ascertained first. The amount of money, the need and the right person for it, all is first judged by us and then only any payment is made by intended parents.

In simple terms though the intended parents are not present physically but there absence is always substituted by us. This ensures that the surrogate and Intended parents remains contented and unexploited and the doctor also is given his due.

Mentioned above are only some of the instances which one faces during surrogacy. There are so many unsaid and unwritten feelings which we make special for the Intended Parents & the Surrogate mother, thus letting you become a mother through the heart of another and not just body.


Please find below the financial cost of the entire procedure: –

  1. Professional fees of IVF Doctor for doing the retrieval process and then following up the Embryo Transfer which costs approximately US$ 2000.
  2. Professional fees of Gynecologist which costs comes approximately US$ 2000.
  3. For the whole process the surrogate is paid an amount of approx. US$ 7500 as her compensation for acting as a surrogate. We encourage surrogate to talk, ask, discuss directly with Intended Parents and vice versa so as to ensure that there is cent percent transparency and the surrogate is not exploited. We aim to achieve a no commission concept for getting a surrogate mother.
  4. Our professional fees for providing the above mentioned services i.e. acting as their Guardian in India and for providing all the legal work which covers the gamut of all the legal documents / papers / contracts / facilitating Intended Couple for getting citizenship / passport / exit visa, etc. is  US$ 4000.

We at Surrogacy Laws India want Intended couples to have an outlook towards surrogacy as a ‘journey lived’ and not ‘forcefully sold’. With just little vigilance in the beginning by the Intended Couples can turn the whole way they experience surrogacy. Instead of finding an easy way out and submitting to the Doctor solely for everything, the intended parents must make full inquiry about the Doctor / Legal Practitioner / Surrogate and be thoughtful in their decisions. The Intended Parents must ensure that all the constituent factors of surrogacy are segregated and that no one person may be incharge of the whole process. It is the Intended Parents who should be the sole decision maker from beginning to the end.



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