Reproductive Laws for Thailand

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  • June 19, 2013 5:59 pm


Patients do not need to be legally married, although gay couples may find it harder to find sympathetic clinics.  Policies vary clinic-to-clinic, but there are no legal restrictions based on gender, age or marital status. Embryo freezing and gender selection is permitted.

Egg/Sperm Donation

Egg donation is permitted but it is illegal in to sell sperm or eggs (or any human tissue), although it is considered normal for recipients to cover their donor’s expenses. Egg donors are in almost all cases of Thai origin.  Therefore Intended Parents, who prefer that their baby have an ethnicity other than Thai, can bring an egg donor with them from their home country.   Anonymous sperm donations only.


Surrogacy is available to any intended parent, regardless of marital status, sexual orientation or age. This means heterosexual and Gay couples and singles can access surrogacy in Thailand. It’s a bit of the wild west since the regulations vague. However, Surrogacy is legal but current laws recognize the woman who gives birth to a child as the mother of that child. Because the surrogate mother is usually a married woman, the child born from surrogacy is registered as the child of the surrogate mother and her husband. She must sign away the rights of her own husband so the Intended Father’s name can appear on the birth certificate. An adoption may be needed in your home country for parental rights of the intended mother. Check with your home country on the ability to get citizenship for children born abroad.  Single parents are not able to pursue surrogacy here.

Disclaimer: Reproductive laws are a relatively new legal area and are in constant flux throughout the world. It is often hard to obtain current and accurate information, and we are always updating information on our site. Anyone pursuing reproductive assistance abroad should contact lawyers and clinics directly to confirm the current status in that country and any legal restrictions that might apply. GlobalIVF does not claim any accuracy for the information printed below and cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies. If you have additional or conflicting information please contact us and we will update our site.

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