Reproductive Laws in France

  • givfadmin
  • April 24, 2013 10:10 pm


A stable relationship of at least 2 years, not a legal marriage must be proven to be eligible for fertility treatment. Treatments are permitted for infertile, heterosexual couples if the woman is under age 43. Six inseminations or four IVF cycles are paid by government health insurance when done in a public hospital. Higher fees apply when using a private clinic. If a birth occurs, a new set of artificial inseminations (AI) or IVF cycles are free of charge. PGD is permitted for the selection of healthy embryos when a parent or other close relative has a serious genetic disease. PGD to provide a tissue match for an ill sibling is also allowed. PGD for sex selection is only allowed for medical reasons and prohibited for cultural reasons or for family balancing.

Egg/Sperm Donation

Only anonymous, non-compensated egg and sperm donations are permitted. The physician makes matches. Reimbursement for eggs or sperm is a criminal offense; therefore waiting lists are long for sperm and egg donations.


Traditional and gestational surrogacy has been banned in France since 1994. Beginning in October 2004, it is no longer a criminal offense to go to a foreign country where surrogacy is permitted. Public opinion is strongly supporting legalization of gestational surrogacy and limited financial reimbursement for egg donors.

Disclaimer: Reproductive laws are a relatively new legal area and are in constant flux throughout the world. It is often hard to obtain current and accurate information, and we are always updating information on our site. Anyone pursuing reproductive assistance abroad should contact lawyers and clinics directly to confirm the current status in that country and any legal restrictions that might apply. GlobalIVF does not claim any accuracy for the information printed below and cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies. If you have additional or conflicting information please contact us and we will update our site.

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