The cost chart presents comparison costs for doing business in different countries. Compilations are based on reporting by clinics and IVF patients; there may be wide variations at actual clinics

Country Projected Cost
Per Cycle
Actual Figures
Found in August 2008
2008 2009 Lower Cost Upper Cost
Argentina $4,160 Excluding medication
Australia $5,200 $7,000 Including medication
Austria $3,600
Canada $5,571 $5,766 $4,300 +$2,900 for medication
China $2,345 $2,428 $2,400
Czech Republic $2,500 $3,000
Denmark $4,613 $4,775 $4,000 $9,000
Dominican Republic $8,300
Finland $3,157 $3,267
Greece $4,300 Excluding medication
Hong Kong $7,819 $8,093 $10,000 Including medication
Hungary $2,200 +$1,500 for medication
Iceland $4,856 $5,026
India $3,128 $3,238 $690 $1,800
Indonesia $4,692 $4,856
Iran $1,564 $1,618 $5,200
Israel $4,692 $4,856
Italy $5,318 $5,504 $3,150
Japan $3,910 $4,047
Jordan $2,345 $2,428
Kenya $5,000
Korea $1,721 $1,781 $1,600 $3,600
Latvia $2,500 Excluding medication
Lebanon $6,256 $6,475
Lithuania $3,500
Malaysia $7,037 $7,284 $3,400 $4,600
Netherlands $2,510 $2,598 Not available privately
Norway $4,370 $4,523 $3,200
Pakistan $1,564 $1,618
Portugal $4,000 Excluding medication
Qatar $2,800
Russia $3,400
Saudi Arabia $6,256 $6,475
Singapore $7,037 $7,284
South Africa $3,000 Including medication
Spain $5,600
Sweden $5,099 $5,277 $8,000
Switzerland $3,700 $4,900 Excluding medication
Taiwan $4,692 $4,856
Thailand $3,910 $4,047 $3,000 $5,000
Turkey $3,000 Average price, including medication
UK $3,632 $3,760 $7,500 $15,000 Range provided by HFEA
Excluding medication
USA $11,736 $12,146 $10,000 $18,000 Including medication



  • Compilations are based on reporting by clinics and IVF patients; there may be wide variations at actual clinics
  • Numbers are for one IVF cycle and amounts do not take success rates into consideration therefore some countries may be less expensive but the chances of success may also be lower than in other countries.
  • Initial consultation can be 6% to 10% of the basic IVF treatment cost and may not be included in the costs listed.
  • Basic IVF Treatment usually includes doctor’s fees for egg collection and embryo transfer, embryologist’s fees for intro fertilization, anesthesia, ultrasound scans. If pursuing treatment away from your home you will also have figure in monitoring costs (ultrasounds and blood work) at a clinic close to your home or work.
  • Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) the creation of embryos by direct injection of sperm into egg used for male infertility – can be an additional 28% to 40% of the basic IVF treatment cost and is becoming increasingly common in standard IVF, but it not usually figured into the fee by the clinics.
  • The amount of hormonal stimulation medications needed will vary based on age, the clinic’s protocol, and the physical response of your ovaries and endometrium to the medications. Even when the cost of medication is given in the “Comments” column or included in the cost, it must be noted that this can vary according to your age and your specific infertility problem(s).
  • Hormone drugs can be 20% to 80% of the basic IVF treatment cost. Actual cost will depend on which drugs are prescribed for stimulating the ovaries and how much is needed. A Times Body & Soul (3/4/05) survey also found high variation in prices (up to 79%) charged by pharmacists and countries.
  • Embryo freezing is sometimes included in the basic IVF cost and other times it is not. Some clinics can charge up to an additional 20% of the basic IVF treatment cost, plus around 10% of the basic IVF cost per year for storage and between 20% and 100% of the basic IVF treatment cost for later thawing and transfer.
  • Investigative immunological therapies can be up to 50% of the basic IVF treatment cost. Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) which is performed to pick the best chromosomally sound embryos — can be an additional 55% to 120% of the basic IVF treatment cost.
  • Regulatory fees, dependent upon the country, can add 4% to 5% to the cost of the basic IVF treatment cost. Charged separately by some clinics and rolled into the general cost by others.
  • Some of the costs include medication (hormonal drugs) while others do not. If the Comments column does not indicate whether medication is included or not it, then it was not clear if it was included or not.
  • If there is no figure in the Upper Cost column then the results are only based on one clinic and may or may not be the upper, lower or mid-range amount.
  • If both an upper and lower cost is given then prices for at least two clinics were obtained again this does not reflect the cheapest and most expensive clinic for that country but the lowest and highest IVF cost that were found in the survey.

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