Ukrain flagI am back tracking a bit to let you know how my overall initial experience was because it is important to know that even the best care and experience doesn’t always mean it’s going to be an easy process. I was very impressed with Dr. Vladimir Kotlik and the staff at Successful Parents . He was very present and made sure

and how they handled all my initial treatment.  I had to travel to Kiev for all the preliminary process of the egg collection.  My husband and I took a total of 25 days off from work, as we were not certain how much time we would need. In the end the entire process was 12 days.


The clinic provided all the medications plus directions for the medications. The directions were very easy to understand and to follow. I had to do shots in my belly twice a day.  I did them myself and it was not a problem for me. I was worried about it a bit in the beginning, but it did not turn out to be a big deal to do.  The name of the medications are Puregon  (from the second day of the my cycle) twice a day for 9 days.  Orgalutralutran for 4 days and Pregnyl 10000 intramuscular,  one night before the egg collection.  During the whole process the Doctor prescribed Folic acid  1 mg every day. His advice was to do all my shots on time and take my vitamins. The treatment prior to the egg collection was 12 days.  During this time we had an appt with the dr. every three days. He did an ultrasound to check the progress of the hormonal therapy and blood tests. He could see how my eggs were growing.  I followed all the doctor recommendations and the doctor was very happy with the progress.

Cost Difference  

All the medications with the doctor’s appointment and ultrasound cost around $2,200.  In Kiev the entire egg retrieval process was much lower cost than in the US.  The preliminary test in the US cost me $3,000. The same tests in Kiev only cost $70.00

On the day of my egg retrieval I was very nervous about the procedure. I never had anesthesia before and I am very sensitive to pain medications.  But the entire process was only about 10 minutes and all went well.  During the procedure, I did not experience any pain.  We were told they had collected 20 eggs!!  After the procedure I felt a bit of abdominal pain, but was fine after a bit of pain medication.

The embryo transfer was performed 5 days after the retrieval. It was March and unfortunately, due to the snow we were unable to get to the hospital for the transfer. Of course we were disappointed that we could not be there for the embryo transfer into our surrogate.. but we had to keep positive thoughts. They transferred 3 embryos.

We left the Ukraine and flew back to the states where we awaited the news.  I was very nervous waiting for the results.    It took about 3 weeks for the clinic to call.  After our surrogate took a home pregnancy test and after she did a blood test, they confirmed  she was positive with the first embryo transfer.  We were very happy and so excited for the pregnancy.  Olga, the owner of Successful Parents told us that our Surrogate was happy and she congratulated us on the news.

I felt like I was able to dream again, and afraid to dream because of my past unsuccessful pregnancies.

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