IFC Guaranteed Baby or Your Money Back: Too Good to Be True?

In IVF, it is well known that the success rate in most countries and most clinics is not more than 40%. But for the patient, the harsh reality is it is either zero or hundred percent – you either get or don’t get the baby.

This is why the Guaranteed Baby program, offered through International Fertility Centre, has become such a great option, one that is beneficial for both couples as well as for В the clinic.

Couples with no children and/or reproductive issues have become common-place in our society. The changing environment has created various imbalances in the human body which hamper a woman’s ability to conceive a child. One of the factors that is difficult to deal with is the unpredictable nature of the reproductive cycle.  Biological systems (namely reproductive) don’t offer results with an accurate mathematical calculation.  This uncertainty can bring real tension to an infertile couple.  Many couples have tried naturally to conceive before they come to IVF.  They are frustrated after many failed attempts.  IVF comes as a last resort to many of these couples, and is often accompanied with its own concerns regarding costs, medical risks and fears of failure.  IVF is an expensive procedure and in most cases, there is no guarantee of success.  That is where our program differs.

Currently there are no other clinics that IFC knows of in India which offers a guaranteed program to its patients. Essentially what this means is that IFC provides a Surrogacy program that will promise that you will have a baby of your own or we will refund your money.  Such a promise not only reinforces faith in the clinic, but in the procedures and outcomes as well.  Why, after all, would a clinic, promise a baby through IVF if they didn’t think they could do so.   In such situations IVF reinforces the patient’s confidence or faith in having a child!

There are many reputable IVF centres in India that can reduce the patient’s medical risks to the bare minimum.  We find that it is the emotional and the financial concerns which stand as the bigger barriers. Interestingly enough, most patients will happily bear the financial risk if they know their emotional downside can be controlled or somehow reduced. In essence, they want to be assured that failure of a first IVF cycle does not mean that other cycles will simultaneously fail.  If the emotional aspect of IVF can be controlled or alleviated, then couples are willing to try again and don’t feel that their efforts, time and money are being used in vain.

Even with IVF, the success rate depends upon proper planning and implementation, the skill of the doctor and clinic and the participation and confidence of the patients. Clinics work to the best of their ability to succeed because their reputation is at stake.

It is a well known fact that the chances of having a baby through IVF increases with the number of cycles. With IVF it is true, perseverance pays off. IFC’s Guaranteed Baby program works off of one simple phrase – if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!!  And if you don’t succeed, we will fully refund your money.  Sounds crazy, perhaps, but to us it makes perfect sense. Here’s why:

Having a child is priceless. If you pre-paid for 6 IVF cycles as part of the Surrogacy Program* and at some point during the course of those cycles (whether it be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6) you would achieve pregnancy, then the cost will be well worth it, right?В  However, if no pregnancy is achieved, then your money is almost fully refunded.В  So, in the unlikely event, that you don’t have a baby after six cycles, you will not have lost everything.В  It sounds like a really good deal for the patient… so good that many wonder why a clinic would do it.

How can IFC guarantee patients when IVF by nature has uncertain outcomes?

Unfortunately, clinics can’t guarantee every patient a baby. But at IFC we can guarantee that we will give it our absolute best shot, by putting our reputation at stake and offering a money-back program if you do not have a baby by the sixth IVF cycle.  That’s how much we believe in our services. This type of offer gives a special kind of peace of mind to Intended Parents struggling with infertility. For the purposes of this program, successful completion of 18 weeks of gestation is what is considered a pregnancy.

In our Guaranteed Baby program, Intended Parents make one advance payment for 6 cycles. If there is a pregnancy within the 6 cycles (whether it’s the 1st, 2nd, 4th, etc), then the program is a success and everyone is happy. If the Intended Parents do not achieve a pregnancy within six IVF cycles over the course of 18 months, then most of their money will be refunded without any hesitation.

Of course, everything is done to give you a baby in the first IVF cycle.В  But should that fail, the В learning curve from each cycle helps IFC to leverage the protocol to enhance the efficacy in the next IVF attempt.

Many infertility patients are excited about this ‘shared risk option’ since it decreases financial and emotional stress. Since the overall payment is capped and the exact time of making the payment is clarified, patients get a clear cut idea of all financial expenditures without worrying about any hidden or extra costs.

Because the Guaranteed Baby program is a ‘shared risk’ program (meaning financial risks are shared between the Intended Parents and the clinic), there are specific eligibility criteria to be accepted into the program.

Please see below for details:

Eligibility criteria

1. Only for those parents who are looking for IVF with Egg Donor and Surrogacy

2. Male partner should have a reasonably good semen report.

3. Plan is restricted for 18 months from the day of receiving the semen sample and signing of contract between IP and the centre.

4. 6 attempts or 6 IVF cycles would be done and egg donors & surrogates would be changed every time.

Inclusion of the Guaranteed package

1.В В В В В В В В  Psychological screening for Surrogate

2.В В В В В В В В  Criminal history inquiry for Surrogate

3.В В В В В В В В  Surrogate mother medicines & all necessary tests prior to ET

4.В В В В В В В В  All necessary medications for Surrogate(s) mother post ET

5.В В В В В В В В  Surrogate compensation

6.В В В В В В В В  Surrogate food and boarding till delivery

7.В В В В В В В В  Invasive Procedures Compensation without any exclusion

8.В В В В В В В В  Surrogate monthly expense

9.В В В В В В В В  Egg donor shots, scans, and all necessary medical procedures

10.В В В В В В В  Egg retrieval (medical clinic, doctors, surgeons, specialist, etc)

11.В В В В В В В  Egg donor post-operative care

12.В В В В В В В  Sperm donor medical consultations, tests, medications

13.В В В В В В В  Sperm washing and analysis for IVF

14.В В В В В В В  Embryo tests and embryo processing

15.В В В В В В В  Embryo freezing & storage

16.В В В В В В В  IVF procedure or ICSI

17.В В В В В В  Six embryo transfer procedures

18.В В В В В В В  Child delivery (doctors fees, surgeons fees, products, medicines, etc)

19.В В В В В В В  Cesarean section cost

*All information above refers only to the GuaranteedВ Surrogacy Package


Email:В saarthak@internationalfertilitycentre.com

Website:В www.internationalfertilitycentre.com


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