Team_Nadejda+Louise_BrownIva was a young woman in Bulgaria trying to overcome her infertility and start a family. One doctor gave her the compassion and knowledge to make that happen…and she decided to give back and help the world find him. Her personal experience led her to start her own medical tourism company so people could save money and have top quality care. Read her story and find out more about her journey and her company – MEDSPA.

Sooner or later in life, having children becomes a wish, a dream and a goal for most women and men. When I was 16, I was thinking I would have 3 children at least. I wanted my home to be bustling with many happy children. Then I was caught in the whirl of studying, dating, working hard and getting married. So, time slipped by and at 28 I had a realization that I was recently divorced with no children—not exactly the way I had pictured my life when I was 16.

But, it turns out that luck was on my side.  I met the kindest and most caring man and in a year we decided that it was time to have children. Unfortunately my deep belief that if we love each other, a baby is a natural consequence, turned out to be wrong. After a year and a half of trying, a friend of mine recommended a doctor that might help us. I must admit that by that time Ob/GYNs were not among my favorites with their lack of concern or lectures on “it’s a hard time for you to get pregnant”, but this new doctor was different. Before finding out anything about his professionalism, I felt he was a good man with a special aura, a man with a mission to help and someone I could trust.

That’s how our journey together began. I was young at the time, my husband had no fertility problems and we were all optimistic, but after a laparoscopy for unblocking a fallopian tube, many months of being unable to conceive naturally and several unsuccessful inseminations, the diagnosis—unexplained infertility—inevitably led to IVF. I didn’t respond well to the first stimulation and the IVF failed. By that time I was really desperate, but didn’t give up. Six months later, I had my 2nd round of IVF.  Voilà! At last the miracle happened. After so much waiting and tears, I became a mother of a beautiful girl. It’s really amazing how hope can keep you going. But I could not have done it without the constant support and understanding of my cheerful husband and of my doc – Georgi Stamenov, who gave me consolation, courage and optimism on my thorny way to motherhood.

Now our precious daughter is 5 but she knows Dr. Stamenov well — the guy who made it possible for us to have her. During the years I’ve helped a number of friends find Dr. Stamenov and experience my happiness. Sissy is one of them, my old friend and colleague. We are close friends, but interestingly enough she right away perceived Dr. Stamenov the way I did – with respect and trust. Her baby story took shorter than mine, but was more fruitful – she’s a grateful mother of twin boys now.

So, Sissy and I thought – how can we help others have this wonderful experience, with a doctor who wasn’t like any other we had found. So together Sissy and I decided to establish MEDSPA and help other people have their beloved babies. We didn’t want to reach out to just Bulgarian women – we wanted the world to know about him – so we created our company to reach out to the world. MEDSPA deals with a number of medical areas, but the one closest to our hearts is IVF — because this was our inspiration for the company, because of what we have suffered and achieved, because of our appreciation of Dr. Stamenov and all his great team at Nadezhda Fertility Clinic.

If you ask us why travel for IVF to Bulgaria, it’s an easy question: Bulgarian IVF clinics have expertise and vast experience in reproductive medicine; their success rate is comparable to the EU average, and Nadezhda scores much higher; The prices of  IVF or Fertility Treatment in Bulgaria are several times lower than the cost in the USA, even counting travel and accommodation expenditures. The female patient’s age limit both for non-donor and donor-egg IVF is 51 years. Like in the U.S., there are no major restrictions on IVF related procedures; methods of preimplantation genetic diagnosis; egg or sperm donation, as well as egg, sperm or embryo freezing; IVF for single mothers or female couples. MEDSPA patients also benefit from no waiting time for first consultation or for starting an IVF program. On top of that you’ll have the opportunity to see Bulgaria, a beautiful and friendly European country.

Our company will help you with all paperwork and communication with the clinic, in addition to your travel and accommodation arrangements. Your case manager will meet you at the airport, will transfer you to all appointments at Nadezhda Clinic and back to the hotel. We’ll help you understand any cultural differences and provide you with useful tips with regard to savings, sightseeing, dining, wine tasting, movies, concerts, shopping and SPA treatments. During your stay in Bulgaria you’ll have a cell phone with a local SIM card with the doctor’s cell phone and other important numbers pre-programmed. MEDSPA will be happy to arrange for you day trips to historical, cultural or natural landmarks as well as individual SPA programs to support your IVF treatment. Translation and interpreting services are also available on request.

In conclusion, I would like to share the encouraging words of Dr. Stamenov with all of you that fight hard for your future children: “The success of the procedure is an issue of great concern to both doctors an patients. The success rate varies from couple to couple. For a first IVF trial in our clinic it is 38.5% for 100 women. That’s the general percentage for all that passed an IVF, but have in mind that it covers patients with high as well as with low chances for success. Dear ladies, the general success rate is something quite different from your personal chance. Each case is unique and after the procedure some couples have 70% chance to conceive while for others the opportunity is just 15%. I will personally take care to clarify what your chances are in order to save you any wrong assumptions. But if at the end of the procedure you have at least one ‘nice’ embryo and the embryo transfer is smooth, your chances are high. And I wish you good luck from all my heart!” Dr. Georgi Stamenov, founder Nadezhda Fertility Clinic.

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