You Asked. We Answered. Cost for Sex Selection doing IVF and PGD?

twins-150x150To: Global IVF

From: Anonymous

I want to know the available clinic for doing sex selection using both Ivf and Pgd and what is the cost for this?


To: Anonymous

From: Global IVF

Hi . You did not let us know what country you are interested in doing this in. In the US there are countless clinics all over that are offering PGD, and other countries offer it as well. The costs in the US to do IVF and PGD ranges – there are a few clinics that offer super low costs IVF (one in Syracuse called CNY, offers 1 IVF for $5000 – the offer PGD but don’t list the cost.) Other mid-ranged clinics are about $10,000 for the cycle (plus meds) and about $4000 for PGD. Of course there are clinics that charge $15,000 and up too. While cost may be a factor in where you choose to go, the success rates in your age group should be taken into account (although they don’t always tell the whole story.) If you save money but have to do a few tries to get pregnant then it’s no bargain. Clinics that do a higher volume of cycles are often a good way to go – since they have a lot of experience –  but they may also be less personable.


To: Global IVF

From: Anonymous

I don’t have a specific country in mind.  I only need to have sex selection using ivf and PGD . My budget is 10,000 US dollar including everything except flight ticket which is why I was looking for Mexico turkey Cyprus. Are there other countries in my price range who might offer this service. We do not have any fertility issues  and my husband and I are in our early 20’s and 30’s.


To: Anonymous

From: Global IVF

There is a clinic in the Ukraine who can offer this process for approx $7000….plus travel and food. I can put you in touch with a facilitator if you’d like.  Our American Surrogacy Agency works closely with this company, so we are very confident in recommending them if you are interested.

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