People all over the world are discovering the power of the mind-body connection and using this unbelievable resource and body “intelligence” to improve health, well-being, fertility, energy, and anything else they desire.

Over the past few decades the effectiveness of guided imagery and visualization has been established by research findings that demonstrate its positive impact on health, creativity, and performance. We know that just ten minutes of imagery can reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol. It can reduce blood loss during surgery and lessen headaches and pain. It accelerates weight loss and reduces anxiety; and it has been shown, again and again, to reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy, especially nausea, depression, and fatigue. Guided visualization had also been found to be very effective for the treatment of stress, which has been shown in various studies to have an overall negative effect on fertility.

Imagery is at the center of relaxation techniques designed to release brain chemicals that act as your body’s natural brain tranquilizers, lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels. By and large, researchers find that these techniques work. Because the body cannot tell the difference between what it is actually experiencing versus what you are only visualizing, we can essentially communicate directly with our body and instruct it to function in a certain way. This is the Mind-Body connection, and it is what our programs are based on.

This theory makes sense when you hear of the studies showing severe stunted growth of children who are not held or shown any kind of love or attention. It also makes sense when you hear that monks meditating in sub-zero temperatures with wet robes can make their bodies steam from heat generated within. It makes sense when you hear of the miraculous stories of self-healing from cancer survivors who make an enormous empowering decision to take control of their lives and change their thoughts.

This is why visualization works. When we are “seeing” – in this case using our imagination – our casino subconscious mind does not know the difference between what we are imagining (which is why our perception or beliefs make such a huge difference in our health – look no further than the Placebo effect) and what we are physically seeing with our two eyes. Through our subconscious, signals from those visualizations are sent to our cells. The cellular membrane lets in those signals, and viola, we change our cells. This is why being relaxed, being fully present when visualizing, which is what our programs help you to accomplish, is so important. It’s the power of your subconscious that does the work!

Infertility and the reproductive system are part of the larger system of your body. The same principles that make the mind-body connection effective on other aspects of health apply to infertility. Our programs are based on extensive research that shows the power of visualization, along with the mind-body connection, can play a key role in health, including reproductive health through specific visualization to help ovulation, fertilization and ultimately implantation and pregnancy.

Based on scientific evidence, we all have the power for self-healing by directing the intelligence of our minds to help the physical make-up of our bodies. A subset of this phenomenon is the proven stress-infertility connection. Stress is something that experience from an emotional perspective, yet it is clear to have detrimental effects on our reproductive health. Our programs not only utilize the powerful mind-body connection, but they also help minimize the stress influence as well. The Mp3 programs and sessions use a creative combination of music and words to help you bring your body back to health and wellness.

Relaxation helps you to reduce stress, which is being found to affect most of our bodily systems and make-up, especially the affects on our fertility, and prepares you for guided visualization exercises. When you relax you are better able to utilize the mind-body connection, and because the body cannot tell the difference between what it is actually experiencing versus what you are only visualizing, we can essentially communicate directly with our body and instruct it to function in a certain way…in this case, to achieve a successful pregnancy!

The balancing of the body – or health – may improve thoughts and feelings, which in turn boosts immune systems and keeps your body health. And unfortunately, the opposite may be true as well. But we can access mind-body health not just from a release of emotions or improving our thoughts (sometimes very very difficult to do), but by checking in with your body and helping it find balance as well. Both tactics would make sense and can work to help you empower your life, fertility and your future.


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