Global IVF: Finding Affordable Fertility Solutions

Affordable Fertility Solutions

Are the high costs of IVF, egg donation and surrogacy keeping you from having a baby? Travelling for treatment may be the answer for you! Global IVF is dedicated to helping intended parents and fertility professionals learn more about affordable cross border reproductive care

Global IVF is dedicated to helping others in their journeys with cross border reproductive care. Global IVF was created by two people like yourselves… who were struggling to start their own families and needed to explore alternative options. Now the initial vision has grown and Global IVF has become a unique community, a place to share ideas and exchange information about the growing business of fertility tourism. Global IVF offers free email consultations and will always strive to answer your questions in an unbiased and informative way as possible.

Global IVF believes that knowledge is power, especially in the area of infertility. Whether you are exploring IVF, egg donation or surrogacy abroad or just on the other side of your own country, it is best to research and know all of your options. An important aspect of Global IVF is the sharing of information and experiences, whether positive or negative. We know that an important part of any fertility journey is open discussion and communication and that’s why we encourage fertility travelers to participate in our JOURNEYS section. It is a unique way to share your cross border fertility experience with others, and we know firsthand, that often times doing so can be therapeutic for the Intended Parents as well.

Global IVF strives to bring you the latest and most up to date information on costs, procedures and availabilities, laws and everything else associated with cross border reproductive care. If you have a specific question, please email us for your free email consultation.

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