• You Asked. We Answered…Narrowing in on Egg Donation Agency / Clinic

    From: Anonymous To: Lauri Subject: Egg Donation Agency/Clinic Recommendations Hi Could you possible recommended egg donation agency /clinics. I have only researched by surfing the internet, and found IREGA Cancun as being a possible good egg donation and ivf clinic. Can you recommend them, or are there others I should consider? I […]

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  • The Transportation of Frozen Embryo

    The Transportation of Frozen Embryo

    When extra embryos are transported to a different facility than where they were created they are  (frozen) in liquid nitrogen and then shipped using a dry shipper.  What is a dry shipper?  Dry shippers are large dewar (vacuum) flasks that are designed for the safe shipment of specimens at liquid […]

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  • What Are Male Factor Issues?

    What Are Male Factor Issues?

    When a physician informs a patient that he has male factor issues that are contributing to a couple’s infertility many people leave that conversation extraordinarily confused. So really what are male factor issues?  They are subtle and sneaky because they often go undetected.  Why do they go undetected?  Because they […]

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