My Fertility Story – Lauri Berger de Brito

Lauri Berger de Brito never thought having a family would be such a challenge. While her first daughter was the blissful result of a very naive IUI, it was only when she started trying for a sibling, that the world of secondary infertility came crashing down… with a vengeance. After suffering many miscarriages with IUIs, IVFs, ZIFT and even donor egg, Lauri turned to gestational surrogacy/donor egg to complete her family. She now is a very happy mom to 3 children — 1 biological, and 2 little ones via same egg donor/same surrogate but born a year apart.

Lauri is a former television producer. director and writer and spent countless years producing television, some of which did not make her proud. As co-director of the well-known and well-respected Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Inc, & Agency for Fertility Solutions, Lauri now ‘produces’ babies… and is proud of every single one! There is nothing more rewarding and ultimately as important as bringing a child into the world who is so very, very wanted.

With her business partner, Kathryn Kaycoff-Manos, Lauri recognized an area of fertility that was booming but one that had very little unbiased resources available. Their website,, has, in short time, become the go-to site for all information regarding IVF/DE/GS around the world. Knowledge is power and power helps us realize our dreams.