How do we deal with the language barriers at foreign reproductive clinics?

Traveling to international foreign reproductive clinics comes with a new set of challenges. Specifically, many intended parents worry about potential language barriers while communicating with reproductive clinics in other countries. It is very important that you feel comfortable communicating with the clinic, and that you feel all your questions are understood and answered in full. We have found that many foreign reproductive clinics will have one or two designated contacts who are fluent in a few languages. If they don’t have someone who speaks the language you are most comfortable with, you should then confirm that they work with a tourism agency that will help with communication. You should not work with a clinic if there is no way of communicating in your language, or if you feel uncomfortable or uneasy with the process of communication.If desired, Global IVF offers various communication services. Through our concierge program (, we can work with your international reproductive clinic to ensure strong communication. If necessary, we are also able to set up a translator for your time overseas.

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