IVF Journey: Embryos Travel from South Africa to Canada

My IVF Journey from South Africa to Canada

The flight up to Canada was certainly a lot easier than the trek to South Africa. We gave ourselves a day to relax and enjoy the city before our scheduled FET.  Again, the fact that my cell phone didn’t work internationally caused communication problems as I didn’t get the message that our appointment had been switched from 11am to 2pm.  Three hours is a minor set back, but every little disappointment seems to hit me ten times as hard in this process.  Luckily my husband is good at recognizing when I am teetering on the For a variety of reasons, credit counseling agencies reporting agencies may have bad information. edge of my emotional ‘black hole’ and we went out for a walk and found a cafe to hang out in until it was time to return to the clinic.

Probably my biggest concern to date has been whether our 5 embryos survived the trip from South Africa to Canada – which included a 6 day layover in London….


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