IVF Success Story: THREE Days to Go!

My IVF Success Story – Three Days to Go!

Oh my gracious, I can’t believe it. I have three days left to carry this little guy. My OB scheduled me last week at my 37 week appointment for a c-section this coming Saturday. I am so excited for this little one to meet his mommy, daddy and big brother and to have my family all together again. It has been 3 weeks since we have all been together. My hubby did come down last weekend and that was SO nice of my IPs especially considering we had agreed if the c-section was scheduled for this week, Franklin would just not get on the plane. However my IM knew how much it meant to Connor and I to see Frank so she flew him out anyway. I was and am very THANKFUL for that. I was so nervous when Frank got on the plane Sunday night that I would go into labor some time this week and he would not be here. Now that it is Wednesday and he and my oldest two babies will be here Friday night, I feel confident I can make it until Saturday morning as planned. I am trying to take it easy and my little Connor even made me breakfast in bed this morning :) He has been an absolute doll these 4 weeks. I don’t know what I would have done without him.

I have learned that surrogacy almost always gets a little “tense” in the end. I think emotions run high for everyone and everyone has a different focus so it just makes things seem a little strange. For me, my focus has been bringing this baby into the world happy and healthy. I think my IPs are still focused on their 2 year old and just the logistics of everything and WORRYING…not realizing their healthy, full term baby boy will be here in 3 days!!!!!!! The constant requests to take it easy and worrying if the baby comes prior to the c-section is enough to stress a girl out. I was HAPPY when I made it to full term status and felt any day longer that I kept this baby baking was a bonus! It sometimes felt like nothing would be good enough. I keep asking my IM are you excited? She keeps saying she is worried. I understand from her history why she would be, but I REALLY want to see and here joy and excitement in her voice when she thinks about this baby that I have worked so hard to carry for her. I know on the day he arrives she will not be able to contain her joy and I think I am looking forward to that along with my family being together as much as I have looked forward to anything in a long time. 58 hours until the rest of my family arrives and I can hold them in my arms. Approximately 72 hours until we meet this little guy that has been rolling around in my tummy for the past 38 weeks! I PROMISE I will update once this baby is born. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. :)

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