How Popular is IVF in Your State?

Recently, Fertility Nation created a map that shows which states use IVF the most and who uses it the least. Global IVF’s “home-state” of California, just barely missed the top ten, coming in at number 11! Looking at the map really gives perspective. While 227 births out of 100,000 were conceived via IVF in Washington DC, it is reported that in 2008 Montana and Wyoming had no fertility clinics. Someone in DC may feel like every other child they know was conceived via IVF, while people in Montana may have to travel many miles simply to check out a clinic. Thinking about this difference made me newly thankful for the internet and casino community found online. Websites allow intended parents to connect across the country, helping those who may not have fertility clinics or communities locally accessible. In addition, Fertility Nation’s map shows that the ten lowest-ranked states for IVF use have low-density populations and, on average, lower household incomes. Sites, such as, work to make information on fertility treatments available to all, no matter one”s location or wealth.

What does this map mean to you? How did your location influence your decision to pursue infertility treatments?

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